What is Print Management

A printing company will only be able to offer the best solution for them!

Using years of experience a print management company can manage the outsourcing of a simple on-off print job, to a full scale re-deployment of a company’s corporate print and of course any on-going needs!

Working with a wide network of trade suppliers the print management company can ensure the work is fulfilled at the right price, best quality and tailored to the need of the customer.

It’s all to do with the network of suppliers they have established over the years and the relationships they have built. An experienced print management company will make the customer’s need THE PRIORITY and offer the best possible solutions to make sure that need is met!

Why Should YOU use a Print Management Company?

By using the resources of a print management company, you can benefit from the following:

•   Save time & money on researching and sourcing print items/ solutions

•   One supplier – One invoice

•   Print, Production & Distribution managed by One Project Manager

•   Expertise not available in-house

•   Access to 1000’s of unique print and promotional material

•   Print Management protects your Corporate ID – YOUR Brand!

We at CFL don’t want you to just see us as your outsourced solution, we are your print department, part of YOUR team!