Stafix ® is an innovative material for advertising: A sticker without glue!! A static charge stored inside the film enables Stafix® to adhere to any surface.



100% Recyclable making it environmentally friendly

Bubble Free – Clean, visual ads

No Glue means No Cleaning

Ease of Use – Saves time

Writable – Write & erase with whiteboard marker

Temperature Resistant – Can be used in direct sunlight or subzero temperature

Use & Installation

Stafix® adheres to any dry and clean surface, on average for 3 months, the smoother the surface the longer Stafix® stays adhered. The less Stafix® is repositioned the longer it stays. It adheres from both sides and is bubble free. Please smooth the material against the surface aplied for better adherence.

Stafix® is recommended for temporary indoor use. It can also be used outdoors for a short period of time. Avoid placing Stafix® onto freshly painted walls, the VOC’s emitted by the fresh paint reduces the static charge of the film

Fantastic for: Posters, labels, direct mail, street marketing, inserts and much, much more!!

To see a short video showing how Stafix® works click HERE

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