CFL Print Solutions are now offering you a SMS text messaging service to complement our Marketing Mix Solutions.

SMS is a widely-used marketing and customer service tool by many large and small businesses. We now offer out-bound and in-bound services – send personalised and/ or bulk messages to your customer base and use Shortcode SMS or a dedicated long number to keep the conversation flowing.

To get real feel for our SMS platform – watch our Getting Started Demo

SMS Getting Started

You may be wondering how you could make use of this very effective, cost efficient tool to support building lasting relationships with your customers.


Encourage customers, new and old to register their mobile phone number with you via a keyword on a mobile short code. Use your customer data to send bulk SMS messages with tickets, events, promotions, or to boost your brand awareness.

Works well for industries such as: Entertainment, Travel and Tourism, Charities.


Send discount codes, promotions or BOGOF offers direct to your customer database using bulk SMS.

Works well for industries such as: Retail, Hospitality, Travel and Tourism, Health and Fitness.


Keep your customers up-to-date with their delivery slot, ask for feedback, or even send personalised messages, there are many ways to boost your customer service using SMS.

Works well for industries such as: Parcel delivery and Courier services, Mail Order, Service Sector.


Send SMS reminders to improve your attendance and maximise your profits.

Works well for industries such as: Healthcare, Veterinary Practice, Hair and Beauty, Automotive.


Use SMS to send reminder messages such as MOT and service reminders, or policy expiry notices.

Works well for industries such as: Financial Companies, Automotive, Utility Companies, Travel and Tourism.


Send SMS to notify a large number of individuals in the event of temporary area work, road closures, flood alerts or gas leaks.

Works well for industries such as: Environmental, Utility Companies, Councils.



SMS Getting Started