Planting for Print

Planting for Print

On the 23rd November 2017, CFL went out “Planting for Print”, our MD Glyn Hall had the absolute pleasure of joining Premier Paper and The Woodland Trust at Heartwood Forest, St Albans, to plant 3000 saplings for the Carbon Capture Tree Planting Day.

It was a great day and we were very fortunate the sun shone but the wind blew! There was a great atmosphere with 150 guests joining in, digging holes and planting the trees. One interesting fact learnt on the day is that the field we were in had been at the edge of where the glaciers came down during the Ice Age, so the ground had lots of rounded stones and pebbles just underneath the soil surface, where the leading edge of the glacier had pushed the stones to the outer edge and had rounded them which meant for some quite hard digging!

Glyn thoroughly enjoyed the day as did his side kick Skye (the Husky), and it only goes to further support the sustainability of the print industry. Putting back in what we take out!

So, what was the day all about ….

Woodland Carbon is the unique scheme developed by The Woodland Trust to help companies reduce their carbon footprint by locking up carbon emissions through planting trees

Businesses in all industries often generate large amounts of carbon which contributes to higher levels of greenhouse gas emissions in our atmosphere. Customers, shareholders and staff alike expect businesses to act positively and responsibly to reduce their carbon emissions and support a more sustainable environment.

By working with us as a Woodland Carbon partner, your business can be involved in a credible carbon removal scheme which operates under the government’s Woodland Carbon Code. The scheme is not a compulsory carbon offset solution, but is a voluntary way of mitigating your emissions by planting trees right here in the UK.

What are the benefits?

As a ‘local’ carbon mitigation solution, Woodland Carbon enables you to:

  • create new woodlands
  • plant native tree species to support our natural ecosystems, biodiversity and wildlife
  • establish new woodlands for generations of people to enjoy now and in the future
  • connect with your staff and customers through special planting days
  • develop a strong marketing message to convey to all types of stakeholders
  • raise your environmental and corporate responsibility credentials

To find out more about the fantastic work the Woodland Trust do, please visit their website

And if you’re interested in offsetting your business’ carbon emissions, then please get in touch.

01235 821440

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