Litho Vs Digital


The best read printing method in the world!

The page layout is produced in the form of a plate and the image converted from the plate onto the page.The plates are made by laying a piece of film with the image in place over the emulsion on a plate and exposing the plate to light. This burns the image onto the emulsion.

With technological advances it is now also possible to go directly from computer to plate

You can print from spot colour through to four colour process using virtually any paper or board, in all weights, finishes and colour.


Digital print is an instant method of producing black to full colour printing that is produced straight from the computer file.All text, data and graphics that are produced on a computer are classed as being digital.

What are the Benefits?

The introduction of digital print has meant that using the latest print technology for high quality products no longer equals a high cost, however small the quantity.

Digital print is suitable for the full spectrum of printed products from a simple business card to brochures and posters.We can provide full personalisation in colour and duplex.

Our web-based business card ordering system takes advantage of digital printing methods to offer a complete up-to-date solution for efficient ordering control and high quality print.