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Love is in the air … everywhere I look around … we Love Print

It’s Valentine’s Day! And you’re expecting a loving message and/ or gift from your beloved …

And what are you expecting as a show/ reflection of that love?

Words, actions, gestures, presents, the written word … you are looking for something tactile to see and know that the gesture is true, is meant and is heartfelt – that you mean the world and more to that one special person.

So how would you feel, if instead of a carefully chosen Valentine’s Card, you received an email? Instead of the beautiful boutique of flowers delivered to you at your place of work, you received an e-card with gif – a Facebook message with meme, an Instagram photo showing you what someone else has received?

What would your thoughts of that sentiment be? What would be your perception of that gift, on what is meant to be ‘The’ heartfelt day of the year – would an email work the same as a handwritten card? They can both be personalised; the written message can be the same – but would you value them the same?

For most of us the answer would be, no! The message may be the same, but it is the delivery of that message that speaks volumes to us. To assign value, we need to evoke our emotions and feelings, and this is done by stimulating our senses – we need to see, to touch and to feel, to provoke the emotion(s).

When we speak of love we think of giving tactile gifts and messages, something that has true meaning and true value. So why do we sometimes forget to apply this same ‘logic’ to our businesses and our marketing strategies?

Perhaps it is down to costs, perhaps it is down to the fast pace we are all now living at and are used to. But are we then, as a result, diminishing our brand value?

It doesn’t have to be this way – when in actual fact print and digital work very nicely together – it is no longer a case that digital has superseded the print industry, that print no longer has its place! Customers will always value you and your business, if they feel that you and your business value them! Speaking to them through the channel they feel best fits!

But when you are considering your print it is important to consider its value as well as its cost, you need to understand the ROI to be able to truly assess this.

There is already a huge amount research that has been carried out that shows the impact print has on customers/ consumers. Perhaps the most poignant today is:


( accessed 10/01/18

That is a staggering statistic!! Let’s just take a moment to absorb and appreciate that – 92% who FELT something DID something!

And if you’re working with businesses who are particularly Brand conscious – these next two are just as important!

( accessed 10/01/18

These are just a quick couple of snippets to show you how well print and digital work together and what the return is for you. Digital is fantastic to create an immediate effect – but add print and mail into the mix and you are remembered.

If you haven’t already, I suggest you check out the research carried out at Royal Mail MarketReach – who “believe the future lies with both mail and digital, working together. Brands that use the intimacy of a letter as well as the connectivity of a smartphone will be valued more highly by customers” (

So if you’re looking to integrate print into your online marketing campaigns why not give us a call at CFL Print Solutions, we’ll be happy to discuss your individual needs and options, alternatively send us an email and we’ll pop some further details of the services we can provide in the post to you.

We’re passionate about print, mad for mailings, and understand the importance of integration. CFL, providing innovative solutions with traditional family values.

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Look forward to hearing from you soon – and wishing you all a very Happy Valentine’s Day

Lots of Love

Sam x

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