Direct Mail – when’s the best time to send your direct mail campaign?

Direct Mail - When to Send

In this mini-info series of blog posts, we’ll be giving some tips and advice of when and what to send in your Direct Mail Campaigns, as well as exploring how to track the results.

There are many elements to a Direct Mail Campaign and it’s important to consider them all as if you get just one fundamental element wrong, you may as well have not bothered. Make sure you think each element through before pressing the ‘go’ button.

One element that many direct mail marketers fail to consider properly is WHEN to mail.

They tend focus a lot on the data – and rightly so, it’s a very important element! They’ll also think very carefully about WHAT they’re mailing, but when it’s printed and ready it just goes out, with very little thought over whether it’s the right time or not.

And generally speaking, there is a “right time” for most industries.

What is the right (and wrong) time for you?

Most businesses that send out direct mail have a pretty good idea of when’s good to send stuff – promotional products, for example, for specific holidays is pretty self-explanatory – but what they often fail to consider is when the WRONG time to mail is.

Now, I’m afraid to say that I can’t give you the answer that’s right for you, because the ‘right’ time is linked to the markets and industries you serve.

What I will say and advise you to do; is think your and your prospects timings through, because it can be the difference between a successful (i.e. lots of orders coming in) and unsuccessful (i.e. a costly, time wasting exercise) campaign.

For example, if you’re promoting yourself to retailers, the very worst time to send them a campaign is when they’re super busy themselves, as they simply won’t have time to digest your campaign, so Christmas and Easter aren’t great times to mail out.

When considering your prospects time, think about:

  • Who make up your market?
  • When will they be most reciprocal to your campaign?
  • And when are they most busy, and least likely to respond?

Do direct mail well, and it can be one of the most effective and profitable ways to market your business, product or service.

Do it badly, and you can get through cash quicker than you would thought imaginable as well as causing potential damage to your ‘Brand’.

We’re not wanting to scare you away from Direct Mail Campaigns, on the contrary, but we also want to ensure you think it all through as the risk/reward element of direct mail means that – unlike other types of marketing – your margin for error is not particularly wide.

If you’re planning your next, or indeed your first direct mail campaign call CFL to find how we can support you through the whole process.

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