Choosing the Right print company for your business

Choosing the Right print company for your business …

As and when you decide to look at outsourcing your business’ print needs, you may find it a daunting task – the options and choices of ‘partners’ available to you are endless, local, national, independent and global. So how can you be sure the partner you choose, is offering your business the best ‘deal’, and by deal we mean price, quality and customer service. Three factors to be considered when entering any ongoing contract.

Below we have put together a few important points you will want to consider when making your final decisions on which print company you wish to partner with ….


Many people will want to tell you that price isn’t everything! And to be fair they are correct, however when you are on a limited budget with limited resources, it becomes one of, if not your top priority.

Therefore, it is important to do your research, and shop around for the right price for your printed product needs, but do bear in mind the financial implications it has on your business to do the research – as the great saying goes, “time is money”, the amount of time you spend on researching ALL the print companies will inevitably reduce any ‘real’ monetary savings to Zero.

Another good saying to keep in mind is “you get what you pay for”. A print company may offer you the ‘best’ (rock-bottom) price, this doesn’t mean, they are offering you the Right price … which leads us nicely into value …..


Just what are you getting for money? There are many points to consider when you are thinking of value … price/ cost, customer service, quality of the finished product and the after service.

The print company that offers you the lowest price, could come up short in terms of the quality of the finished product – on the flip side, the lowest priced company may well offer you the best customer service you’ve ever received and the finished printed product could be well above your expectations … however this is rarely the case.

Make sure you take into account, when choosing your print company, what value you are assigning to the ‘job’ – what do you want to get for your money? Often a slightly more expensive service will pay for itself in the long run.

Quality is King

If your business requires a large amount of printed marketing materials, then you’ll want to be sure they all meet the same high quality. This could be low (digitally produced) and high (Litho produced) volumes of the marketing materials such as leaflets and brochures*, it may also include large format prints for banners and posters. Be sure the print company you choose can handle all your needs to the quality you expect!

CFL Print Solutions has access to a vast range of suppliers – and we’ll ensure the highest quality is always provided.

Turn-around times (speed)

Turn-around/ lead times are always important and rarely in your control, so always be sure to build enough time for delivery into your print project – remember the ‘normal’ timings for delivery are 5 working days from PRODUCTION PROOF APPROVAL (not from when the order is placed).

The best way to avoid disappointment is to get your printer involved as soon as possible, let them know when you need your order by, let them know when you will have the print ready artwork available and keep them in the loop – presses get booked up quickly, don’t lose your slot.

This comes back to the points made in ‘value’ (above), having a good working relationship with your printer, can go a long way – and you’ll be surprised what they can pull out of the bag with good communication.

Ethical Responsibility

An ever-increasing concern for the business world nowadays, if, for example, your business is committed to reducing their carbon footprint, then you’ll want to be sure your print company shares the same ethics. For example, a print company that uses recycled papers and implements the same policies to all aspect of print, CFL Print Solutions uses trade manufacturers that are Licenced Carbon Balanced Printers, working in partnership with our trade manufacturer, we use the innovative carbon calculator created by the World Land Trust, that shows the carbon balancing figures on selected papers.

Outsourcing your printing needs can be a daunting task and priorities vary from business to business, so the best place to start is with a conversation …

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*remember: the printing process e.g. digital/ litho, can affect the outcome of the finished printed product.

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