SO PRINT’S DEAD IS IT? Hell NO! Is the short answer!

And my goodness did #EPIP (Everything’s Possible in Print) prove that this week!

I won’t deny the internet hit the print industry, and when it did, it hit it HARD … but … perhaps online communication isn’t what it’s all cracked up to be. YES, I do realise the irony of writing this in an online blog, ha ha very funny, but stick with me …

Technology is and will continue to be a fantastic ‘thing’, an ever changing global society will always demand further development and we should all embrace that … however sometimes we need to look back, to move forward and perhaps we need to ask ourselves, have we lost “touch”?

I love the internet, I look up information, I window shop, sometimes even buy! I connect with friends, family, sharing news, updates, photos and any random information I find funny, all at the touch of a keyboard or screen. But is that enough?

Well no, I don’t think it is. I really do love flicking through a photo album, touching the photo that was taken to represent and embed that memory means a lot to me, it evokes thoughts, feelings and sometimes even smells and sounds of what happened when that snap-shot was taken. Why are we prepared or even happy to sacrifice this?

So with technological advancements and developments, we as the print industry should be embracing it ALL, a leaflet no longer has to be just a leaflet, it can open a portal to an augmented reality that can really show case your business/ product or service. We (the print industry) have known about these fantastic developments and integrations for some time now, perhaps we need to be shouting about it louder! And in my opinion EPIP is a perfect platform for this!

EPIP 2016 – who was there?

Oh my goodness (again), what a fantastic line up we had for our speakers; Graham Reed of Varia Solutions, changing our attitudes and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible when you combine your communication streams. Simon Biltcliffe of Webmart, we are only limited by our imagination – 48% increase in sign up using integrated marketing & changing the format of print. Gareth Williams of Newspaper Club, bringing the shop window to the masses, what an influence the newspaper can be. Rory Sutherland, O&M Group UK, talking elephants and flowers and why we should be applying this psychology to our print. Charlotte Graham-Cumming of Ice Blue Sky and Maiko Davison of Toshiba Medical Systems UK, showing us the enormous benefits a well thought out, truly personal print integrated campaign can have. Tod Norman of Royal Mail MarketReach, understanding age ranges but more importantly the life stages of your audience. Jacob Aizikowitz of XMPie showing us how print becomes a significant touch point for your multichannel marketing strategy. Gordon Glenister of BPMA, print is not just ink on paper, how printed promotional products should be part of every marketing campaign. Tim Milne of Artomatic, promoting the physicality of print and illustrating why the ‘Internet is an alien’. And last but not least who could forget our fabulous compere John Heffernan of Red Live Media, although he can be classed as a ‘digital marketeer’ (I won’t hold that against him) he truly understands and promotes the benefits and added value of integrated marketing campaigns.

So what did I take away from #EPIP and its speakers? Print has, and always will have a place in life, business, sales and marketing. It’s how we use and place that print that is the real question now.

To find out more about #EPIP contact:

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