Print ‘n’ Post

Our Print ‘n’ Post solution has been specifically developed to support customers who have a high level of low to medium volumes of daily post. By providing them with a free to install print driver we give users the option to send their print files directly to our production facility. They can then benefit from the fact that we consolidate their post along with a number of our other customers to achieve print costs savings and postal discounts.

With no licence fee our customers have made significant reductions in their postage costs and more importantly have been able to outsource the time consuming process of manually printing and enclosing their post.

The process is secure and backed up by on line reporting allowing clients to track and audit their usage.

Put simply, the process of generating office correspondence is time consuming, labour intensive and expensive but a necessary part of doing business everyday.

Print n Post

Print ‘n’ Post allows our clients to increase staff productivity, maintain brand integrity, track and archive all correspondence within one easy to manage solution.

What happens next is the clever part; after following a few simple print menu options that document is sent to a secure server and is processed in an ISO certified secure mailing facility, the document is printed, fulfilled and posted on your behalf.Print n Post

A comprehensive reporting system is in place for documents to be tracked from the comfort of your desk allowing you and your staff to get on with more important tasks.

For more information of how Print ‘n’ Post can help your business, give us a call on 01235 821440