Direct Mail; mailing campaigns

CFL direct mail

Some now believe that direct mail is a thing of the past, but it’s NOT! Having only an online presence can now be as detrimental as not having one at all.

More and more companies are realising that a mix of printed and digital media produce better long term results, and so as marketing budgets creep up, direct mail is once again becoming a very valid tool for most businesses.

For more information about the benefits of direct mail campaigns, please see the research carried out by

CFL Print Solutions can manage every aspect of your Direct Mail campaign for you! A little of what we offer….


We offer a variety of personalisation options, from lasering forms and stationery, order forms, multi personalised DM pieces and ink jetting – we can tailor make a personalised solution depending on your strategy and budget.

Envelopes & Packaging

We can supply you with whatever you need – from standard envelopes and polybags to overprinted and bespoke mailing packs. Our aim is to provide the very best in quality and price.


We have the facilities to wrap your inserts in clear or printed film. Polywapping gives you several advantages; your product has maximum exposure, the weight of the item decreases resulting in lower postage costs & the film is cheaper than envelopes

Hand Enclosing

There are still some elements that cannot be produced by mechanised methods, from hand tying bows to multi matching our trade suppliers are known for their accuracy and quality control that ensures every pack leaves their facility exactly as you have signed it off.


We always strive to find the most efficient, cost-effective way to deliver you mailing piece. Whether using Mailsort, OCR, CBC or benefitting from Downstream Access Discounts, we have the knowledge base to save you time and money. With postage becoming more and more complex, our existing customers benefit hugely from our expertise. Let us show you how to save even more on your mail delivery