Continuous Stationery

Continuous Stationery are multi-part ‘sets’ that are fed through a dot matrix printer. Each ‘set’ can be made up of 1, 2, 3 or 4 pages that are crimped together and, using a perforated strip down each side, are then fed through your dot matrix printer.

Continuous StationeryContinuous Stationery






If your form needs to be completed by hand, a record of service for a boiler for instance, then you require a standard NCR (no carbon required) ‘cut sheet’ form.

NCR Forms can be designed from scratch, or your existing NCR forms can be re-set if you don’t have the artwork. Just send us a blank copy of your existing NCR form and we can create your template. NCR Forms can also be padded (pads of 50, 100 etc.) or left as loose sets, and also numbered if required.